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Our professional painters have at least 5 years experience each in HDB painting. That is why you can rest assure that your HDB home will have that new fresh look after the painting completion.

Be it new or resale HDB flats, we are able to deliver the highest quality of work to you.

We focus on quality and speed, that is why we are the first to offer 2 years warranty in Singapore, knowing that we will deliver what we promise you.

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As there are various types of HDB flats in Singapore, we have different price range, see more below;




 HDB (1 Room Only)

 $350 Onwards/room

 > 1 day

 *HDB 3 - Room Flat

 $600 - $800

1 day

 *HDB 4 - Room Flat

 $700 - $950

1 - 2 days

 *HDB 5 - Room Flat

 $900 - $1,100

2 - 3 days

 *HDB Executive Apartment

 $1,000 - $1,350
(Single Floor)

2 - 3 days

 *HDB Maisonette Apartment

 $1,200 - $1,600
(Double Floor)

3 - 4 days 

All prices quoted above includes using Nippon Matex paint.

*- includes Bedrooms, living room, kitchen, Bathrooms and Ceilings

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 Projects Done By Singapore Painting Services Are Covered by 2 -Years Guarantee!

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"Competitive pricing and good customer service to explain things in layman terms" - Thomas Paar

"Our home has never looked so bright and alive before! Love it!" - Tat Family, (Private Estate)